November 5, 2011

Atlantis 13

          Akula was pleased to see that his deception had worked. Now that he possessed the Wishstone, the Gods would have no choice but to help him. “Didn’t I tell you it would work?”  Akula said to Hokum.
          “I don’t understand the need for all this deception,” Hokum said. “Why didn’t we just take what we wanted?”
          “That is what so special about the Wishstone,”  Akula said. “It cannot be taken, it has to be given by the bearer. If it is taken, it will lose its power. Besides if there is no need to use force, do not use it. No need to drain the pond to catch a fish. It’s much more effective to use deception.”
          “Besides, you know what I always say,”  Akula continued. “By way of deception, thou shall I do war!”                                                                
          He went to Wotan and triumphantly showed the relic to Wotan. He could not believe it. “How did you get this relic?”  Wotan said stunned.
          “That is not important,” Akula said. “What is important is that you have to help me.”
          “What is it that you want?” Wotan said.
          Akula looked at the small relic in his hands. “Such a small object,”  Akula said to himself, “but within it lies the power that will make me greater than everyone.” He looked triumphantly at the perplexed Wotan. “You know what I want,”  Akula replied. “Everybody knows what I want..........I want Atlantis!”
          Wotan pleaded desperately to Akula to change his mind. He offered him everything, but Akula would not give in. Wotan looked into Akula’s eyes to see if there was a slight chance he might still change his mind. But Wotan could not see anything and realized that his hope had been in vain. He was just talking to deaf ears. So he gave up.
          “Very well,”  he said, “if that is what you want, then that is what you will get.”  Akula noticed a strange, underlying tone to Wotan’s voice as he spoke, but he could not tell what he meant by it. “The key to Atlantis is that what makes it so great,”  Wotan continued. “The great reactor that we build for the Atlanteans and that houses the “Stone of the Gods, which you so vigorously seek. If this reactor is shut down, the energy supply to Atlantis will cease and the whole continent will be left helpless. They will also no longer be able to produce those dreaded weapons that decimated Kano and his army.”        
          Wotan took a folded document out of his pockets and handed it over to Akula. “On that piece of paper you will find what you need to know,”  Wotan said to Akula.
          Words cannot describe the joy that Akula felt rushing through his veins. He now had the means to fulfill his dreams. Atlantis and all its wealth would soon be his. He couldn’t wait before he could finally sit on the legendary throne of Atlantis.
          “Are you happy now?”  Wotan asked.
          “Happy?” Akula answered. “I am more than happy. Everything was all worth it. I will never regret what I have done.”  With that said, Akula turned around and quickly walked away. Wotan stared at Akula until he had disappeared.
          “You will,”  Wotan said. “You will.”


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