November 3, 2011

Atlantis 17

          Akula regained consciousness with Wotan, Karna and all the other Gods standing around him. Although he didn’t know how, he could see what was going on. Silently, he watched the events unfold before his eyes as images flashed before him.
          The apocalypse was felt in every corner of the world. The coast was to be dealt the first blow. Unfortunately, many cities in the world had been build close to the sea to take advantage of the sea as a means of transportation. But now people were sorry that they had done so. Gigantic Tsunami-waves, that followed after Atlantis had disappeared under water, ripped and swept away cities along the coastline. The raging waters soon reached miles inland and covered the land. The coastline was the first to feel the demise of Atlantis, but it certainly wasn’t the last.
          Further inland, powerful earthquakes, unlike the world had ever seen before, rocked the land. The continents were shaken up from top to bottom by the force of the quakes. In the end, every single city and their inhabitants were destroyed by the rampaging forces of nature.
          There was an eerie silence in the room. Akula looked at each and everyone of the Gods, who were staring at him, until his eyes met those of Wotan. “You knew, didn’t you?”  Akula said bitterly to Wotan. “You knew something was going to happen. You knew it all along. That is why you said that I would be sorry. But I do not understand. I had the Wishstone. You had to help me. Why did you deceive me, when you told me how to defeat Atlantis?”
          Wotan gave Akula a disgusted look. “You, of all people, should not complain of being deceived,”  Wotan said. “You, who always says “By way of deception, thou shall I do war!” You have persistently used deception to attain your goals.”
          “Besides, I did not lie to you,”  Wotan continued. “I merely gave you what you wanted. You wanted to defeat Atlantis and that is what I gave you. Nothing more, nothing less. What you did not know was that Atlantis destruction would have disastrous consequences that would affect the other regions.”
          “But what caused all the destruction?” Akula asked. “You have to understand,” Wotan said,  “the reactor in Atlantis had another hidden purpose, besides providing precious energy. After we raised the continent from the bottom of the ocean, we found that she was highly unstable and as a result, was unfit for any inhabitants. To alleviate this problem, we created the reactor to serve as a gigantic electromagnet. The magnetic field that it created would push off against the earth’s own magnetic field and this is how we made sure that Atlantis would always remain afloat as long as the reactor was still on. That is the real reason why we gave the “Stone of the Gods” to Atlantis and not because we favored them as you have often accused us of.”
          “So,” Akula said, “when I send Hokum to disable the reactor, I also caused everyone else’s destruction?”
          “Unfortunately yes,” Karna said. “When Hokum turned the reactor off, it not only stopped the energy-supply to the defenses of Atlantis, but also the magnet that kept Atlantis from going down. Of course the sinking of Atlantis is like throwing a stone in a buck of water. The waterlevel would be raised substantially and the Tsunami-waves that followed would destroy all the cities along the shoreline, not to mention the earthquakes and other seismic disturbances that would be triggered by the cataclysm.”
          “But why would you do such a thing?” Akula said. We’ve never done anything to the Gods.”
          “Why?” Wotan said. “Because you have all sinned in our eyes. This is your reward for defying the Gods. We’ve told you many times to stop warring and do what we had planned, but instead you’ve turned our dream into a nightmare. But in the end, the sinners have been punished and the world had been rid from the evil that polluted it soil.”
          “But if you wanted to punish us,” Akula said, “why wasn’t I allowed to die like everyone else? Why did you rescue me from my palace, where I would have surely died?”
          “Death would be too gentle of a punishment for someone like you,”  Wotan said. “Your fate will be much worse than Klamath, Liu Tzu, the Atlanteans or anyone else. You were the one who masterminded the whole thing from the start and thus your punishment had to fit the crime.”
          “What will happen to me?” Akula said.
          “Since your actions were motivated by your desire to rule over Atlantis,” Wotan said, “it is only fitting that you be doomed to dwell in Atlantis for all eternity. From this day on, you are a cursed man. Never again will you see the sunlight or your home again. These forsaken ruins are now your kingdom. These corpses your people. That is how it shall be..........till the end of times.”
          “Tell me one more thing,”  Akula trembled, when he saw that the Gods were about to leave. “Am I the only left?”
          “No,”  Karna said. “There are a few survivors left. One of them is your righteous son. I showed him how to construct a ship that could survive the disaster. He and a small group of followers are now safely aboard this ship. When the water has receded and the land is dry again, they will release the animals that they are carrying and once again populate the world. They will build a new civilization that is different from the one that perished. However, this time they will have to do it on their own. The Gods will no longer provide humanity with the knowledge to prosper in life. Humankind has to find her own way, the right path that will lead them away from war and towards peace. The different races that have fought against eachother have to learn to live in harmony with one another. Only then can mankind truly prosper.”
          “The time has come for us to leave,”  Wotan said to the other Gods. “Our experiment was a failure, but perhaps someday mankind will see the light and solve her problems. We shall stay away from this world until the time is ripe for us to return.” Karna turned his head in surprise and looked at Wotan.
          “I thought that we would never visit this world again,”  Karna said.
          “We will,”  Wotan said. “I have seen the future. One day, we shall return.”
          “So if you have seen the future, when will that day be?”  Karna asked.
          Wotan smiled at Karna and said: “One day, mankind will once again discover the secret to the “Stone of the Gods” and when that day comes, then and only then, will mankind once again see us flying through the skies in our ships.”


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