November 23, 2011

Atlantis 6

Akula had sent envoys to the leaders of the Southern, Eastern and Western Kingdoms for a secret meeting to be held at a mystic place in the Northern Kingdom, called Stonehenge by the local druids. According to ancient legends, Stonehenge was the place the Gods first appeared from the heavens in their round, metallic craft. To commemorate this historical happening, the druids erected huge, stone pillars set in a circular pattern. The colossal construction had to resemble the shape of the vehicles of the Gods, so that all future generations would be reminded of the day the Gods came from the skies. It served as a monument to what had happened in the past.

They were all there during the meeting. Klamath, Kano, Liu Tzu and Akula had all come to discuss the current crises. The mood was very intense. Kano, the ruler of the Southern Kingdom, said in disgust: “My people are literally starving to death, while those spoiled Atlanteans are throwing their food away. This cannot go on like this. Something needs to be done.”  Akula had listened patiently to his three guests, who complained loudly about Atlantis’ alleged lack of willingness to help them by giving in to their demands. They all accused the Atlanteans of not caring much about their fate. Akula realized that the time was right for him to make his move.

“I have the solution to our common problems,”  Akula said. “The Atlanteans do not take us seriously. We need to do something radically to make them realize that we mean business.”

“And what is it you suggest we do?”  Klamath responded.

“We should join forces and attack Atlantis,”  Akula said determined. His three guests were shocked. They all knew something had to be done, but this was a very drastic move.

“Wage war on Atlantis?”  Liu Tzu asked. “That cannot be. Atlantis has the most powerful army the world has ever seen.”

“There is no other way,”  Akula said. “The Atlanteans do not care about us. We have to hurt them in such a way that they will not forget. That way, they will know what it is like to suffer like we do and give in to our demands. If they do not want to give us what we need willingly, then we should take it by force!”  But despite Akula’s vigorous pleas, his colleagues were not convinced. They knew the risks involved and refused to make such a move.

“There has to be another way,”  Liu Tzu said. “War will only make things even worse. We must continue negotiating with the Atlanteans and perhaps they will become reasonable.”  Klamath agreed with what Liu Tzu had said. Kano was more open to Akula’s proposal, because his kingdom was in the worst condition. But he could only agree to an attack if all four leaders were in favor. The deadlock could not be broken and with that, the meeting was ended.

“Cowards,”  Akula said to himself after his guests had left. “You all make me sick. You do not want war, not because you are so peace-loving, but because you weaklings are too afraid to lose the comfort of your throne and your women.”  Akula had to calm himself down. “But no matter,”  Akula said. “I had expected something like this might happen. If my fellow rulers are too afraid to do anything, then so be it. But I, the one called Akula, does not know the meaning of the word fear!”  He sat silently on his throne for a while, thinking of what had to be done. “Come forward, Hokum,”  Akula ordered. A big, muscular guy appeared from behind the curtains. “Once again, I call upon you to serve your master,”  Akula said. “Its now up to you. You know what to do. Now go and do not fail me.”


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