October 12, 2011

Good Things Happen To Good People 2

Heidi was returning home and waited to cross the street. A black limousine slowly drove by. She looked at the car.

“That person must be rich to afford something like that,” she thought. “I wish I had some of that money.”

Suddenly, Heidi heard the screeching sound of tires. Another car had ignored the red light and drove on. The driver desperately tried to hit the brakes, but it was too late. He was going too fast to be able to avoid a fatal collision. The result was a thundering sound as metal collided with metal.         

Both cars were reduced to a wreck. Heidi rushed to the scene to lend a helping hand. The driver of the car that had caused the accident had paid for his reckless driving with his life. There was also  nothing Heidi could do for the driver of the limo. It became very obvious from their remains that they were both dead. All of a sudden, she heard someone moaning from the pain.

“Please, help me..........”, a stranger pleaded.

Heidi pulled a severely injured man out of the backseat. No sooner had Heidi pulled him to a safe distance or the cars exploded. Heidi kneeled down and looked at the bloody stranger. The first thing she noticed was that he was a rather handsome man.

“Don’t worry,” she said and began to apply first aid. “Everything is going to be just fine.”

“Thank you,” the stranger said as he touched her face with his hand. “Tell me, what is your name?” But before she could answer, someone pushed Heidi aside.

Amazingly, paramedics had arrived on the scene in a nick of time. An ambulance had been close by and seen what had happened. They hastily lifted the wounded stranger into the ambulance and quickly drove away.

Both Ivan and Mary were home. “Well, well, if it isn’t the ugly slut,” Mary said to Heidi when she returned home. Heidi ignored her and remained calm. Mary became irritated by her calmness, but didn’t know how to get her mad.

“Am I not the bomb?” Mary said as she looked in the mirror.

“Depends on what kind of  a bomb you’re talking about,” Heidi said softly.      

“What is that you said?” Mary said angrily.

“Nothing,” Heidi answered.

“You’re so stupid,” Mary said. “Just look at you, you’ll always be a nobody.”

“We’ll see,” Heidi said to herself. “We’ll see.”

Heidi got up and noticed that Ivan and Mary were both gone. She thought of the vivid dream she had the night before. In that dream, she had won the lottery. “Could this be a sign?” she said to herself.

She went out, bought the newspaper and returned home. “Did I win?” she anxiously thought. She opened the newspaper and..........

“Yes!” she screamed. “I’ve won!” She jumped into the air out of joy. “I’m finally free.” She thought of what she would do with the whopping $1,000,000 she had won.

“First, I’ll move out of this hellhole as soon as possible,” she said. “Then I’ll get some new clothes.” Heidi was really excited. “My life as a slave is finally over.”

Heidi didn’t tell Ivan and Mary that she had won the lottery. As usual, they were making fun of her.

“Laugh all you want,” Heidi thought. “Soon I’ll be the one laughing.” She paid no attention to them and instead concentrated on the television.

Suddenly, the program was interrupted by a news break. Heidi couldn’t believe what she heard next.

The newspaper had made a mistake in printing out the lottery results. “We’re sorry for the inconvenience that may have resulted,” the woman on T.V said. But Heidi wasn’t listening any longer. She was crushed.

“I was afraid that winning the lottery was too good to be true,” she cried. But at the same time, she realized that what had happened characterized how her life had been so far. A huge disappointment.


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