October 15, 2011

Men vs Women: Colors

Ever notice women know a lot more colors than men? Men and women are very different in this regard. Men don't seem to attach much priority to colors unlike women. Guys use common colors like black or blue. Sometimes, they'll use a shade such as light blue or dark blue. But that's about as far as they'll go. Women know all those basic colors, but also other variations with sometimes very exotic names.

Examples would be Lavender or Cerulean. How often have you heard a guy say: “I'd like that in Lavender". Guys usually have not heard of the color Lavender and if they do, it's most likely because they've heard it from their sister or girlfriend. Even then, seldom do they really know what it actually looks like. The word Cerulean would sound like some Alien Galaxy or Planet to most guys. Seldom would they think of it as a color.

Girls also know how to use colors, especially how to combine them. For example, the color of their shoes have to match their dress. The next time you go out, simply look around for people dressed in bad color combinations. The vast majority of them will be guys. They simply couldn't care if the colors don't match.

What's the exact cause for this? Hard to say. Young girls aren't bought up differently compared to boys in this regard. It's not as if they are given special lessons in colors. Instead, it seems to be something innate, something women are born with. Similar to how men and women differ from a physical standpoint. It's one of those gender differences.

Now this doesn't mean every single guy is clueless when it comes to colors. A few guys may know their colors, but they are the exception. When it comes to colors, women got men beat big time. Hands down. That's all there is to it.

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