February 1, 2013

Driver Tuner Review: How To Fix My Computer

One common cause for computer problems has to with drivers. Pretty much every computer part or device has its own driver. A driver is basically a small program that receives general commands from the operating system and turn gives specific instructions to that device based on those commands. Hence, the name driver.

Drivers can be the cause of computer problems for several reasons:
  • drivers are often released with bugs, which have to be corrected in future versions.
  • as drivers become older, they need to be maintained with updates to ensure they continue to work properly.
  • installing and removing program can cause incompatibilities that need to be fixed.
In short, up-to-date drivers are essential for your computer to be problem free.

The Windows operating system includes a utility called Windows Update that addresses this need. However, while it works great with all Microsoft products, it doesn't seem to work 100 percent with non-Microsoft stuff.

This means that it's up to you to keep your drivers updated by doing it manually. This means:
  • finding out which drivers need to be updated
  • finding out where to find the updated driver if there are any
  • search the website to find the latest version
  • download that driver, read the instructions, and then install it yourself
This is pretty tedious and time consuming, even if you assume that everything is done correctly.

A few companies have tried to simplify this process by producing software applications that seek to automate this whole process. One of these is Driver Tuner that promises to make everything much easier with just a single click and in the process ensure the following:
  • better performance from each computer device and therefore the whole computer
  • removal of computer bugs that may cause system instabilities, which in turn can cause computer crashes and mysterious reboots
  • making available new functions in your devices that were not previously available for whatever reason
  • generally making your computer make stable and thereby making everyone who is using the computer more productive, including you

Driver Tuner also comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee. I though this was very important, because it shows that the company is pretty confident that their product works and that they aren't just selling junk.

Driver tuner does seem to be able to find drivers and it seems to support a huge range of drivers. On the other hand, just because it found the drivers on my system, doesn't mean it will be able to find all drivers. That depends on what kind of system you have and most computers will differ from person to person.

I also don't think Driver Tuner does anything that can't be done manually, provided you have a lot of time and are willing to exert a lot of effort. Driver Tuner's main benefit seems to be one of convenience. It helps you save time and effort without giving you a headache.

What is good:
  • can make your life easier and save you a lot of time and hassle
  • does what's its supposed to do as far as I can tell
  • money back guarantee
What is bad:
  • doesn't really do anything that cannot be done manually but tediously
  • may not find every driver depending on what computer you have

In conclusion, Driver Tuner has its strengths and weaknesses. It does come with a free trial program that you can use to test for yourself. You will have to decide if the good outweigh the bad and if the program fits your needs. It's certainly worth a try considering the potential benefits of putting all driver problems behind you.

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